May 6, 2021

5 eCommerce Blog Ideas for High-Quality Traffic

eCommerce blog ideas

From demonstrating your brand values to positioning products, these ideas will help you build a better eCommerce blog.

Estimates suggest there are 600 million blogs on the internet. That’s a big number, and it’s not a trend businesses take lightly; 85% of B2C marketers have reported that their strategies leverage company blogs. As eCommerce sales continue to grow — from 18% of worldwide retail sales this year to an estimated 22% by 2023 — a successful blog will become an increasingly essential tool to help brands engage consumers in the crowded marketplace.

With that said, not all blogs are created equally. Taking the time to consider your content will help you build a blog that cuts through the noise and drives high-quality traffic to your website. Inspiration for your eCommerce blog ideas can come from anywhere, but having some direction in the beginning will help you get started.

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Tell Your Brand’s Story
Talk About Current Events and Trends
Put Keyword Research to Use
Curate Taste-Making Collections

Tell Your Brand’s Story

First and foremost, your blog is a chance to tell your story. News about product launches, sales announcements, and other company developments are all low-hanging fruit for blog posts since they help your audience stay in the loop about your business. But a little out of the box thinking will help you further illuminate your brand’s personality and spark plenty of eCommerce blog ideas:

  • Get ahead of the news cycle. Don’t wait until your next launch date to start drumming up excitement. Teaser posts build buzz before your product even hits the market, and they also help maintain your momentum and keep your audience engaged between launches or drops.
  • Pull back the curtain. How well does your community know the real you? Spotlighting your team is a great way to offer a more personal experience of your brand. Let readers get to know the individuals who write your blog, and over time, those digital relationships will blossom into long-term loyalty.
  • Stand for something. ECommerce companies are so much more than the products they sell. 62% of consumers say companies’ ethical values influence their purchasing decisions. Blog posts let you demonstrate exactly what you stand for to the masses.

Expand the conversation around your brand by weighing in on relevant news. Pull eCommerce blog ideas from current events, keeping an eye on the ways local, regional, and even global news stories impact your company and influence your community. News items may tangentially connect to your brand, but sometimes they’ll relate directly to your industry, products, and customers.

For more straightforward industry news, consider positioning your eCommerce brand as an authoritative voice predicting relevant trends. Are changing fashion tastes nudging wedding dress trends in a new direction? If you’re selling directly to brides, that’s something your customers will definitely want to know.

Put Keyword Research to Use

You’re probably already using keyword research to improve your website copy and product descriptions, but you can also use this popular SEO strategy to write better blog posts. Understanding the terms your customers are using to search for your products will give you a better sense of what matters to your audience. Keyword research can provide a wealth of eCommerce blog ideas using the terminology your customers expect while solving their most pressing problems and answering their burning questions. For best results, look for keywords that reflect purchase intent. If someone is already shopping, that’s the perfect time to make your introduction.

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Get Your Community Involved

Listening is an important element of effective marketing, and it presents an excellent opportunity to engage your community about the issues that you know interest them. Essentially, you’ll be responding to your customers’ voices while helping them feel like they’re a valued part of your community. Plus, their feedback is a great source of eCommerce blog ideas.

For example, if your website already features an FAQ page, you can use your blog to expand further on popular topics. What’s your audience talking about in your blog comments or on social media? Are they creating content to show off how they use your products? Blog posts help you promote real-life testimonials, share customer reviews, and spotlight the community members, influencers, or celebrities that are excited to engage with your brand.

Curate Taste-Making Collections

No matter what your eCommerce company sells, your products don’t exist in a vacuum. Build a deeper context around your catalog with curated collections to attract new customers and expand your existing customers’ horizons. 81% of consumers say they research products online before making a purchase. These list-style posts will help your customers envision your products in action in their lives, whether you’re a mattress company blogging about sleep behavior or a dustbuster brand blogging about spring cleaning.

  • Highlight staff picks. This combines curated collections with our earlier idea of offering a more personal touch. The more your team’s unique voices connect with readers, the more your audience will be interested in their opinions on your products. Staff picks build on those trusted relationships as your blog writers’ individuality shines through.
  • Create themed gift guides. From seasonal aesthetics to national holidays, a standard calendar is a great source of inspiration for gift guides any time of the year. When you’ve run out of seasonal ideas, try theming collections around customer personality types or the specific pain points and problems your products solve.

To drive high-quality traffic to your site through your eCommerce blog, you’ll want to make sure you’re reaching the right audience at the right time. That’s true whether you’re looking at blog posts or campaign creative; across your entire marketing strategy, testing and analysis will be your friend.

Great testing takes time, which is why AI is the perfect assistant. Our proprietary Alison platform combines AI with insights from our marketing experts to creative elements in your campaigns. The platform highlights what’s working (and what isn’t) and makes appropriate recommendations. If you’re ready to know more, let’s talk!

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