Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

yellowHEAD pairs top social media influencers and creators with our experienced team of ROI-obsessed innovators to create unforgettable (and scroll-stopping) campaigns. Everything is done digitally which allows for seamless brand collaborations with influencers of all sizes and platforms.

Competitive Intelligence

Data Driven Campaigns

Using smart technology and AI, we are able to connect brands with the right social media influencers and creators. We leverage the power of our technology to drive maximum ROI from each campaign. Our performance driven approach allows us to drill down and optimize in real time to ensure that the campaigns are always increasing in reach and return for our clients.

Our Influencer Network

Our network of over 10,000 influencers has been vetted and approved by our influencer marketing team and are awaiting oers from you! Each influencer that applies to join our campaigns is reviewed for engagement levels, fake accounts and bot to ensure that the influencers who work on your marketing campaign are real, authentic and experts in driving results towards our KPIs

360 Degree Approach

Our influencer marketing professionals handle every aspect of the project,
from constructing comprehensive briefs for the influencers, providing them
with pertinent information about the brand to ensure our client stands out,
and reporting. We also use the influencer’s content to create multiple other
assets like ads – simplifying the creative procedure, making it more
budget-friendly for the customer, and most importantly: achieving desired

Types of Influencers

The Secret of Micro Influencers: Why use micro/nano influencers instead of macro/big influencers


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