User Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated Content (UGC)

The yellowHEAD Creative Studio can create and facilitate User Generated Content (UGC) ads of all types. Whether you want to collaborate with influencers, create UGC-style ads, or even create studio-productions ads with a user-generated flair suitable for TikTok and Instagram, the yellowHEAD Creative team can get it done!

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Authentic Content

UGC is the most authentic content out there, as it comes directly from the users themselves. UGC is becoming increasingly popular, as it is more relatable and trustworthy than traditional advertising. People are more likely to trust content from real people, as it gives them an insight into how a product is being used. UGC also gives brands a way to engage with their customers, as it encourages users to share their experiences. UGC is a powerful tool, and it has the potential to transform the way brands communicate with their audiences.

Ownership of Content

UGC is a great asset for brands, as it can be used in different ways. UGC is created by customers and fans, which gives brands an excellent opportunity to leverage it for their own benefit. UGC can be used to create ads, create engaging content for social media, or to gain insights about customers and their preferences. Brands can also use UGC to promote their products and services, which helps to build trust and loyalty with customers. UGC also provides an excellent platform for brands to connect with customers, as they can get a real-time understanding of their customers’ needs and wants.

360 Degree Approach

Our creative team handle every aspect of the project, from creating comprehensive briefs for the creators, providing them with all of the information they need to include in the video and all of the post-production to ensure the video has the greatest chance to go viral. We also use the creator’s content to create multiple other assets like ads, website content and social media posts. All of this is done in conjunction with our experts to achieve and exceed our KPIs.

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