February 25, 2021

CPG Marketing: Digital Innovation & DTC in a Fast-Paced Environment

In today’s market conditions, traditional marketing strategies may not make the cut. To make a real impact on brand growth, connect with customers and drive sales, companies must innovate! In this webinar, Augusto Marolla from P&G and Guy Snir from Facebook join yellowHEAD to discuss how the world of Consumer Packaged Goods has been disrupted, and how the current state of the market has only accelerated the already growing trend of digitalization and the shift to direct-to-consumer.

Watch to learn how brands are adjusting to the growing digital landscape, and how you can implement innovative approaches and leverage D2C models to drive growth for your business!

What we cover:

  • The evolution and future of D2C in the CPG landscape
  • How D2C can be a substantial business growth driver for CPG
  • The impact of COVID-19 on CPG sales & marketing tactics
  • How CPG companies are innovating within a traditional space
  • How creatives are shifting to appeal to digital audiences


  • Augusto (Tuto) Marolla, Pampers Global Associate Director, Procter & Gamble
  • Guy Snir, Head of CPG, Facebook Israel
  • Guy Bauer, Head of Paid & Organic UA for P&G, yellowHEAD

Guest Interviewer: Nitzan Evron, Head of Agencies, Facebook Israel

Moderator: Aviva Telias, Head of Organic Marketing, yellowHEAD

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