yellowHEAD Full Marketing Suite Makes Success Simple for Symple Loans

yellowHEAD Full Marketing Suite Makes Success Simple for Symple Loans

Symple Loans is a growing online B2C Fintech company in Australia and Canada that is streamlining the loan process, decreasing costs, and passing the savings onto customers, who benefit from low interest rates. On top of that, their offerings expanded recently through a special frequent flyer point offer campaign with Qantas, Australia’s flagship airline. Their innovative process has been recognized by The Australian Financial Review and Lifehacker Australia.


Symple Loans turned to yellowHEAD to create a holistic approach based on collaboration between strong User Acquisition and SEO strategies.

yellowHEAD’s SEO strategy significantly improved organic KPIs, including:

  • An 81% increase in organic website traffic.
  • A 92% increase in organic new website users.
  • A 91% increase in organic conversions.
  • A 26% increase in total organic website visibility (impressions).

With a newly optimized website, yellowHEAD’s UA strategy kicked into high gear and generated very strong results. In particular, they optimized the full funnel, improving conversion rates as well as the number of returning users, which allowed for a remarketing that brought in the most valuable users.

  • 219% increase in Approved Rate (ratio between site visitors and client-approved loans).
  • 248% increase in users starting the loan application process.
  • 5.2x increase in returning users starting the loan process.
  • 3.7x increase in loans drawn by returning users.

As a result of these efforts to ramp up brand awareness and target the right audiences, the company’s loan approval rates improved month over month and eventually resulted in setting a new high water mark for the number of loans approved.

Approved rate
loan application starts
organic traffic
organic conversions
The improvements have been impressive ever since we started working with yellowHEAD. Their team is knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, and provides concrete, analytically-based recommendations for us to give more value to customers while also delivering on our financial KPIs. I’m very pleased with the work they’ve done for Symple Loans.”
Bob Belan

Bob Belan

Co-Founder & CEO, Symple Loans
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