Meta Commerce School Gets Lesson in Creative Success

Meta Commerce School Gets Lesson in Creative Success

The Meta Commerce School is a select group of 19 promising eCommerce startups that were given unique guidance on how to run successful campaigns on Facebook. yellowHEAD provided the participating businesses with creative tools and custom video creatives that took them to the next stage.


yellowHEAD provided guidance to the participating startups on advertising, while yellowHEAD’s in-house creative studio, yellowSTUDIO, created custom videos for each participating brand to use in their campaigns.

After using their yellowHEAD-designed videos, the startups saw improvements in a number of KPIs, such as:

  • A 20% lift in CTR overall
  • A 5% lift in ROAS overall
  • A 5% lift in CVR overall

Lift in CTR
Lift in ROAS
Lift in CVR
yellowHEAD’s expertise in high-performance marketing made them the obvious choice to spearhead the Meta Commerce School, teaching their insights to up-and-coming businesses and providing one-on-one guidance. The participants have seen their ROIs advance at an above-average pace, and it’s all thanks to the tools they acquired through this unique program.
Michal Mashal

Michal Mashal

Meta Commerce School Program Manager
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