Cyberghost Wins Big with yellowHEAD UA and ASO

Cyberghost Wins Big with yellowHEAD UA and ASO

In an era where personal browsing data has become a commodity, CyberGhost VPN stepped in with a solution. Their advanced VPN technology protects sensitive personal data from being used and sold by businesses and malicious parties, making the internet a safe, personal space once again.


CyberGhost turned to yellowHEAD User Acquisition and ASO teams so they could scale their Apple Search Ads campaigns while keeping the cost per acquisition low.

Phase 1:

In the first phase of the campaign, Cyberghost doubled ad spend while simultaneously lowering CPA by at least 16% (often more) – great for that level of spend. These were the results:

  • 39% purchase uplift
  • 7% increase in Installs to Purchase
  • 16% decrease in Cost per Acquisition
  • 9% decrease in Cost Per Install

Phase 2:

In the second phase, Cyberghost continued scaling with a stabilized CPA, in accordance with a 3-month media growth plan.


Growth Media Plan results:

  • 31.1% traffic increase in the first month
  • Additional 32.2% traffic increase in the second month
  • 10% CPA decrease in the first month
  • Additional 1.3% CPA decrease in the second month
  • 59% increase in traffic in the third month while CPA increased by only 20% (and still was within the KPIs)

Boost in Traffic
Purchase Uplift
Install-to-Purchase Increase
“Working with yellowHEAD was definitely worthwhile. Their work laid the groundwork for us to grow and scale while keeping costs in check. The UA and ASO teams made sure everything was done right. Thank you.”
Ron Mitchnick

Ron Mitchnick

Kape Technologies Director of Acquisition Marketing
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