How BuzzRx Achieved CVR increase by Leveraging Social Proof

How BuzzRx Achieved CVR increase by Leveraging Social Proof

BuzzRx provides a prescription discount card that is free, pre-activated, and immediately usable, while also contributing to their charity partners. The benefits offered by these apps are of greater significance to users than the UX experience, from their perspective.


yellowHEAD’s implementation of their proven best practices resulted in a highly successful outcome, achieving a remarkable 39.7% increase in conversion rate by introducing new screenshots with social proof in the first screen within the App store. (60 days data comparison)

As the app’s creatives are visible to users through all channels, it is imperative to continuously test hypotheses to enhance the conversion rate and ensure continued success.

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CR (Google Play)
We consider yellowHEAD as a true partner for BuzzRx! We’ve enjoyed working with such a professional, expert, and proactive ASO team, that aims not only to bring new ideas to the table, identify different opportunities to take advantage of but also to implement strategies to improve our organic results. The communication with the team is consistently outstanding and we really appreciate all the work and can- do attitude of the team.
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