yellowHEAD & Abradoodle Win Back-to-Back Tests

yellowHEAD & Abradoodle Win Back-to-Back Tests

Abradoodle is an adorable animal bingo game. This furtastic game takes place in several outdoor locations such as hot springs, country crossings, and even the theater (Silly animals. You don’t watch movies)! Choose your character in this social bingo game, select your dauber, and play with friends!


Through a series of icon tests and well-executed keyword targeting, Abradoodle Bingo saw an increase in store listing views. This rise in views led to more installs and an overall rise in CVR.

The app also saw an increase in keyword rankings that resulted in an additional rise in CVR.

From Icon Test:


4.3% increase in CVR

21.2% increase in organic installs


2.3% increase in CVR

3.8% increase in organic installs

 From Keyword Targeting:

5.4% increase in installs

43% increase in store listing visitors

Organic Installs (US)
Organic Installs (WW)
Throughout our long partnership, yellowHEAD has always been attentive to our needs, and very detail-oriented. Their creativity shows in their work, which has been providing us with positive results. The team has been great!
Pokin Yeung

Pokin Yeung

Founder & CEO
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