December 26, 2019

6 Tips on How to Improve Your Website Content

Is your website not ranking as well as you’d hope? yellowHEAD’s Marketing Specialist, Mike Hemi, gives 6 tips on how to improve your site’s content.

Is your website not ranking as well as you’d hope? There’s a chance you may need a content makeover!

Welcome back, everyone, to another episode of ASKyH! I’m Mike, and today we’re going to talk about how to improve your site’s content.

“Content is King” is a phrase that we all pretty much got the gist of. In order for something to rank well, you have to have content.

Google is constantly growing and changing their algorithm to provide people with the most relevant results from the most trustworthy sources for their search queries.

Makes sense. You want the information you’re searching for and you want it fast!

But from a website owner’s perspective, these changes can be scary. The most recent Google Core Update had people scratching their heads, wondering how to improve their rankings.

Google’s main (yet vague) feedback was to focus on quality content.

So, what can you do to make sure that the content you’re putting up on your site is quality content? Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • The Content – First of all, make sure your content answers the question of the audience. Provide videos, graphics, and anything else that will provide the most & useful content to your audience.
  • The Author – Do people like your content writer’s style? Do they trust that he/she is an expert in the field they are writing in? You’ll also want to familiarize the audience with the author by adding an image and a small bio.
  • The Frequency – We’re not talking about the frequency of how often I Google search “types of cheeses”. We mean, how often are you posting your content online? The more frequently you post, the more maintained your page looks.
  • The Freshness – You want your site’s content to be fresh! How new is your material? When was the last time it was updated? If you have an older post about a topic that is now outdated, go back and update it.
  • The Users – You can’t make it alone. Users are a great way to generate more content by encouraging them to leave ratings & reviews. The more people sing your good praises, the more others will trust your page.
  • The Uniqueness – The only impersonators that should exist are Elvis’s in Vegas, so make sure your content isn’t copying someone else’s. There are tons of tools online to check for plagiarism.

And there you have it. 6 (hopefully) helpful tips to make sure you’re providing the best content for your audience!

If you guys have any questions, then feel free to contact our experts.

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Once again, I’m Mike and we’ll see you next time on ASKyH!

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