April 4, 2021

How to adapt creatives for every platform — for maximum performance

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all creative for all platforms. To really perform, you need to make sure you’re adapting it to fit the unique audience demand and behavior for every channel and platform. But that can only happen when you have data.

Data helps you understand demographics, user behavior, the organic content, and more on each of the platforms you use, so you can optimize your creatives for every channel, align your strategy with user demographics, and get results.

In this VB Live event, you’ll learn why data is the secret to a powerful digital marketing strategy. We examine best practices for creative in every channel — from Facebook to Google to TikTok to Snapchat (& more) — and how to optimize for best results. You’ll find out how to make native ads that work with the organic content on each platform, implement influencer content into your creative assets and more. Plus, we dive into real examples of high-performing creatives across platforms.

You’ll learn:
– How to optimize your digital marketing strategy through creative optimization
– How to leverage user data to create content that really performs
– How to develop a successful creative strategy for all your social channels
– Best practices for creative on every platform
– How to incorporate influencer content into your assets
– And more!

– Courtney Lawrie, Global Head of Brand and Integrated Growth Marketing, Wayfair
– Melissa Culbertson, Associate Manager of Brand Engagement, Social Strategy, Burt’s Bees
– Kinney Edwards, Global Head of Creative Lab, TikTok
– Noa Miller, Marketing Creative Strategist, yellowHEAD


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