November 7, 2019

Growth Masterminds TLV 2019 Recap

Growth Masterminds TLV Event Recap

Two events week after week? Singular, if we didn’t know any better, we’d say things are getting pretty serious 😉

On October 30th, yellowHEAD and Singular invited guests for an amazing breakfast and great talks over a breath-taking view of Tel Aviv in Singular’s new office space.

Growth Masterminds TLV Growth Masterminds TLV Growth Masterminds TLV

Growth Masterminds TLV

Neil Mills, GM EMEA, Singular

As everyone took their seats, Singular’s Neil Mills, GM EMEA, welcomed all of our guests. He spoke about how important it is to share knowledge amongst fellow marketers.

Growth Masterminds TLV - Neil Mills, Singular

Fireside Chat with Erik Polus, Head of Growth, BEAT

Following Neil’s introduction, he sat down for a Fireside chat with Erik Polus, Head of Growth @ BEAT. Erik was happy to share his knowledge and experiences. He emphasized the importance of onboarding and training for new, data-driven employees.

Since BEAT is a ride-sharing app, they look for other ways outside of classic Paid UA campaigns to get new users such as referral programs. Erik also stressed how important it is to always be testing and the ability to measure the quality of users.

Growth Masterminds TLV - Erik Polus, BEAT

Eyal Argon, VP of Strategic Partnerships, yellowHEAD

Following this great chat, our very own Eyal Argon, VP of Strategic Partnerships, introduced yellowHEAD and highlighted our creative & tech capabilities. Since successful creatives consist of so many elements, it’s important to determine winning factors. yellowHEAD’s tech helps narrow down which elements work best with which audience and more.

Growth Masterminds TLV - Eyal Argon, yellowHEAD

Growth Masterminds TLV - Eyal Argon, yellowHEAD

This segued nicely into the next panel of speakers.

Panel with Ilyon, Sweet Inn & Beach Bum

Combined with Gabi Castellan, Head of UA @ Ilyon, Gabi Cohen, Chief Revenue Officer @ Sweet Inn, and Shay Ze’ev Yosifon, VP Marketing @ Beach Bum, the group’s discussion focused heavily on creatives.

Growth Masterminds TLV panel

They stressed the importance of aligning designers & marketers and working together to determine what needs to be focused on. A great way to figure that out is by reviewing customer feedback and what’s affecting users.

The three panelists also stressed that branding holds an enormous amount of value. It’s important to differentiate your brand from competitors. Since users are exposed to so many ads a day, your brand needs to sticks out from the rest.

You’ll want to know who is converting, so analyzing your creatives can help you build your next set of assets. Optimizing for deeper in the funnel can help you see what brought the users in and what was being featured heavily in those creatives.

Our panelists spoke of some of the benefits they took away from all the data they accumulated. With some of these insights, they are able to pass the information along to the product side and improve current products or even create a new one altogether.

Finally, they discussed the benefits of combining both paid & organic marketing strategies. Incremental investments in paid will support your organic strategies, create synergy between the two, and prevent cannibalization.

Growth Masterminds TLV

Growth Masterminds TLV

We want to thank everyone who came out and participated. It was a great way to start the day, and we’re looking forward to future events!

Until next time everyone!

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