June 30, 2019

Google Core Update – June 2019 – What Do You Need to Know?

Google Core Update - June 2019

Google June Core Update Released

If you’re reading this, then you probably heard by now that Google released a core update this month. If you didn’t know, then surprise!

Google didn’t typically announce their updates until recently, so you shouldn’t feel too bad. However, this time they did, so you should feel bad.

Who Was Affected?

This update was bigger than the ones before. This time, they didn’t update a specific aspect. You see, most updates are geared towards something specific such as content or backlinks. Knowing this sort of information allows developers and marketers alike to focus on fixing one of those aspects on their website to help strengthen their rankings.

However, this time around, since the Google core update is much broader than usual, a wide range of domains across industries were affected.

Finally, a Googler came to shed some light on the update. In an office-hours hangout, John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, discussed how the internet is constantly evolving and how outside factors can affect your websites rankings as well.

What Can You Do?

Now although Mueller said that Google can’t give specific advice, he did suggest a few things to keep an eye on regarding your site:

  1. Is your website up to date? If your site looks like it was made in 1998, then users are more likely to bounce off the page.
  2. Are authors recognized? You may have blog posts or articles written on your page, but you want to make sure they are from viable sources and the reader can trust the author.
  3. What do they look like? Speaking about trusting authors, you’ll want to make sure that you use a picture of the author themselves and not a random stock image that you found online.

It’s pretty helpful to get an outsider’s perspective when you’re checking your site to see if it’s up to par. Developers tend to have a deep connection to their website and are unable to see the flaws that Google may take into consideration.

Google may put something together for us in the future to help guide us and offer advice, but nothing is for certain just yet.

All in all, you want to make sure that your website’s information is relevant, and the quality is strong. This Google core update is part of Google’s focus on helping users find high-quality, trustworthy sites. Having said that, the update is still new, so if your website has dropped a few rankings, don’t panic. Your site may just need some TLC 🙂

As always, yellowHEAD’s got your back – check back with our SEO team to find out more about Google updates.

Check out Mueller’s office-hours hangout here:

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