June 5, 2018

Facebook Targeting Audience: Tips for Finding The Right Customers

This ASKyH video gives some pro tips on how to target the most relevant audience on Facebook. Our host for this session, Adi Susman, talks about the importance of targeting only potential customers who may be interested in your product.

What are some of Facebook’s targeting options? Facebook lets you choose different audience types, based on interests, location, and even enables you to create “lookalike” personas. Utilize these tools and insights Facebook offers in order to optimize conversion rates.

Feel like you’re not getting enough out of your Facebook ads? It’s possible that you’re not targeting properly.

Facebook Audiences

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to another episode of ASKyH. Once again, I’m your lovely hostess Adi, and today we’re talking audiences.

A crucial step for a successful ad campaign is getting to know your customers. With so many active users on Facebook, it is critical that you target only the ones who are interested in your product. While page search marketing is mostly accomplished by targeting specific keywords that users are searching, Facebook advertising is mostly based on finding the right audiences. Because of that, Facebook offers you a wide range of targeting options.

Facebook Audience Manager

To create and manage your audiences, you’ll have to use the Audience Manager tool. Here you will be able to create new audiences and also see all your saved ones. You can also choose from a number of audience types such as:

  • saved audience,
  • custom,
  • and lookalikes.

Saved audiences are the audience that you can define by choosing the user’s demographics, interests, behaviors, so on and so forth.

Custom audiences are highest valued users, since they are based on their activity related to your app or website taken from lists or engagement.

Finally, there is Facebook lookalike audience. This type of audience let’s you reach the people who are similar to your existing customer database, making them highly likely to convert as well. Facebook lookalikes help you to expand your ad campaign’s reach so you target only people who are likely to be interested in your offer.

Huh?! Who are you?!
I’m your lookalike. Just better-looking.

Facebook audiences can include millions of users, so you will need to narrow it down, so try to keep your target audience small and precise.

When creating saved audiences, you can narrow your audience with the and/or targeting options. This will help decrease the audience size, and also will help to create niche audiences.

You can exclude people who match specific interests, or demographics. Or you can exclude custom audience from the general target audience. For example, don’t like that jerk Todd from accounting? Exclude him from your life.

Facebook Targeting Tips

Here are some tips from us to help you improve your targeting!

  • Explore Facebook Ad targeting options
  • Be creative with audiences that are based on life events
  • For e-commerce, test the different purchasing behaviors among Facebook users
  • Create personas for your ideal customers
  • Gather audience details with Insights

This is it for today! If you want to learn more, check out our blog or feel free to drop us questions.

Don’t forget to Like and subscribe to our channel. I’m Adi, and we’ll see you next time on ASKyH!

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