December 3, 2020

To creativity and beyond! yellowHEAD becomes Facebook Marketing Partner for Creative!

yellowHEAD proudly became a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) for Creative, and we owe it all to our amazing creative team, our innovative creative analysis technology, and awesome partners.

What does it mean to be a Facebook Marketing Partner for Creative?

FMP for Creative is a badge given to those recognized by Facebook for their outstanding service and technical skills.

This badge is a testament to the hard work and dedication we provide each partner in order to achieve great results.

“For years, the ad tech industry has favored data over creative. But as networks grow more privacy-conscious, advertisers will need to change track,” said Gal Bar, CEO at yellowHEAD. “That’s why we built Alison, our creative technology platform, and honed the expertise of our in-house creative team. We aim to match quality creative with deep, data-driven insights to offer an end-to-end performance marketing solution, and we are very pleased to be named as an official Creative Platform Partner by Facebook.”

The pairing of our creative studio and our tech team helped produce our groundbreaking creative analysis technology, Alison. Not only does the platform analyze top-performing creatives, it offers recommendations on what will work best for campaigns, in which country, platform, and audience.

Alison can also detect creative fatigue and suggest what you can do to breathe a little more life into a previously successful creative.

And now with Alison’s Competitive Intelligence feature, you can learn from competitor data in order to understand what elements have been working for them. Apply your findings to make sure you’re keeping up with the competition in order to blow them out of the water!

But it’s not just our tech that helped us get this accolade. By combining Alison insights and vast design & animation expertise, yellowSTUDIO has been able to produce premium creatives for our partners.

We are proud of and humbled by our new badge, and promise to always provide our partners with first-class service.


Thank you.

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