June 22, 2021

Android Increasing Privacy Controls With Release of Android 12 Beta

Android users will soon have more control over how their data is used by apps and advertisers.

Yellow and white graphic with the words Android Privacy Updates next to a drawing of a smartphone with a yellow shield on the screen

By the end of the year, Android users will be able to “opt out” from having their Advertising ID shared, according to an announcement by Google.

The world had its first look at the new privacy controls after Android 12 Beta 2 was released on June 9. The update includes a Privacy Dashboard that lets users see what apps have the ability to access location, microphone, and camera data. In the status bar, there will be camera and microphone icons that make it easier to activate and deactivate access to apps. A toast notification will also show up whenever apps read information from the clipboard.

The Android 12 privacy dashboard shown on a mobile phone screen

Image Source: Google

The official Android developers blog expanded on the changes a bit further. “Users can also request details from an app on why it has accessed sensitive data, and developers can provide this information in an activity by handling a new system intent ACTION_VIEW_PERMISSION_USAGE_FOR_PERIOD.”

The Privacy Dashboard and expected Android updates come on the heels of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update at the end of April that gave Apple users the ability to block apps from tracking their data. The app store also added a sort of privacy “nutrition label”, letting users know how each app will use their data.

So far, Android 12 Beta is only available for Pixel users but nonetheless, it’s already been popular. Dave Burke, Google’s VP of engineering, said it’s been their most downloaded and most installed beta release ever.

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