January 16, 2017

8 Tips on How to Create a Competitive Ad on Facebook

Anyone can create an ad on Facebook Ads Manager – it is fairly simple and intuitive – but how many people know how to create a winning ad?

There are millions of advertisers out there who post dozens of ads every day on Facebook Ads Manager, and most of them are trying to compete with you to get the attention of the same users you are targeting.

Therefore, you want to make sure your ad will shine compared to those of your competitors and that users will love it. The more users like your ad, the more the Facebook algorithm will push it and give it impressions.

Ads on Facebook have 3 major components: text, headline and creative (Banner, Video, Carousel, etc.).

1 Make it short and to the point

When putting together text or a headline, you should be as straight to the point as possible. People don’t like to read long essays, and you want to make sure not to lose those precious 3 seconds of attention that users are dedicating to you while scrolling their Facebook Newsfeed.

Of course, all of us would like to write long paragraphs describing how amazing our product is in hopes of convincing users to use it, but this is not the best practice. Instead, one should write short, appealing text that will make users so curious to find out more, that they will perform the desired action (Download, Click, Buy, etc.).

2 Have a clear Call to Action

The Call to Action is one of the most important things in Facebook advertising, so you need to make sure it is clear. When formulating a call to action, you should always think “what?” and “when?”. For example: “Install Now!” or “Play Today!” or “Lose weight in less than a month!”.

A call to action can be part of your text (body and headline), as well as part of the image/video. You must make sure to create consistency – meaning if you chose “Download Now” as a CTA button, make it consistent with your text and image/video. Furthermore, having a CTA everywhere in not a MUST. Just make it visible, clear and relevant.

In addition to these, Facebook Ads Manager offers you some Call to Action options to add to your ad, like “Install Now” or “Play Game”. You need to make sure to choose the one that is the most relevant to your product.

3 Make it Personal

When creating an ad, you need to speak to the user and the user needs to feel as if you are speaking only to him or her, and not to an undefined number of people.

It is good practice to use the word “you” or “your”. For example: “Collect YOUR bonus today”.

4 Make it Relevant

We believe that, due to the fact that we are emotional creatures, it`s all about finding the triggers and right incentives for our users.

The secret to success is good marketing research and continuous analysis. We will always want to know more about our consumers.

Facebook Advertising allows us to use various tools with advanced marketing analysis features. The more we’ll know about our audiences, the better we will be able to customize our messaging for them.

5 Use Capital Letters

Capital letters can help emphasize a particular feature, and guide the reader’s attention to it.

For example: “Collect your Bonus now”. In this case, the word “Bonus” stands out over the others and will catch the user’s attention.

6 Use Emojis

Emojis are another great way to catch users’ attention. They are visual and colorful and can really help convey the message. Use them in your ads in order to maximize conversions and improve engagement!

7 Have a Creative Creative

Last but not least, make sure to have good creatives!

Users’ attention span is very limited, so make sure to catch their attention with something different from the competition.

8 A/B Test, A/B Test… A/B Test

On Facebook Advertising, it’s all about testing. As an advertiser, you’ll have to create a benchmark for yourself using several ads in an ad set. Doing so will allow you to collect the “winners” – best ads – quickly, “duplicate” their success and generate more ads with the same concept. You can test the image, text, CTA (call-to-action) and even different creative types (video vs. banner).

Follow the 8 simple tips above and see how your CTRs and Conversion Rates increase!

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