February 22, 2023

Bring Your Ads to Life: Unleash the Power of 3D Videos with yellowHEAD

3d Video Ads & Marketing

What are 3D Videos in Marketing and Ads

Ads on most social media platforms are in 3D video format, making apps appear brighter and more engaging with the help of 3D technology. This allows for the creation of imaginative concepts with physical laws, including captivating special effects. The use of 3D video animation also provides more creative freedom for motion designers.

Not only can people and animals be depicted in these ads, but even inanimate objects like tiles and stones can be given the ability to move, think, and speak. These ads are intriguing for both children and adults.

Domino Gold 3D Character

An entire art form dedicated to incorporating 3D models and animation into production, allows us to depict what cannot be captured through live-action filming. For example:

Goldfish 3d Ads Yellowhead

The benefits of 3D Videos for your business

If you want your advertisements to be impactful and unforgettable, it’s best to seek the services of experts in creating 3D videos. This is due to the complexity of animation programs. yellowHEAD Creative boasts a team of exceptional professionals who utilise cutting-edge 3D software.

3D video workflow

The 3D workflow is a series of steps and processes involved in creating three-dimensional models and animations. Each step in the 3D video workflow requires a deep understanding of the software and techniques involved, making it a highly technical and creative discipline.

1. Modelling

Initially, a motion designer examines the concept and assets, with the client typically supplying the assets. If not, the process begins with modelling, which is a captivating experience of how an entire figure can be created from a basic cube or sphere.

slot machine yellowhead


2. Texturing

The following step is texturing, which involves adding colour to the 3D model. This is where the designer acts as an artist, utilising 2D programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. During this stage, features such as the character’s face, clothing, and hair are all meticulously crafted, much like a barber’s hair style.

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3. Rigging

3D rigging refers to the creation of an underlying skeletal structure that dictates the movement of an object. This system, made up of “invisible” objects, can be seen in the 3D viewport but not in the final product. Once the rig has been established, it must be linked to the character’s mesh. Only then can the animation process commence.

harry potter rigging Yellowhead

harry potter ads in 3D Yellowhead

4. Environment

Before beginning the animation process, our motion designers craft the environment in which it will take place. This includes creating elements such as buildings, rooms, and nature, and adjusting the lighting to set the desired mood.

words with friends 3D by YellowHead

5. Animation

Animating simple geometric objects such as dominoes or tiles is generally a swift and straightforward process. However, character animation requires a significant investment of time and effort. The animator begins by recording their movements on camera, then replicating them frame by frame on the 3D character. Once the animation is complete, it is incorporated into the scene.

warhammer 3D ads YellowHead

6. VFX, SFX, and composing

Visual effects play a crucial role in creating visually appealing advertisements. Effects such as explosions, magic particles, water splashes, fog, and fire are added to the final scene. After all the scenes have been rendered, the next steps involve compositing, editing, and adding music and sound effects. Only then is the finished video delivered to the client.

Game of Thrones 3d ads by YellowHead


As it’s evident, producing a 30-second 3D video requires a significant amount of expertise, effort, and time. However, when handled by professionals, such a video can have a massive impact and attract a large number of users for the client.

If you are seeking to create an impactful and memorable 3D video advertisement, look no further. We are here to help bring your vision to life. Our team of experts leverages their knowledge and expertise in 3D video animation to craft visually stunning and engaging videos that resonate with your target audience. From concept to completion, we will work closely with you to ensure your vision is realised and that you are fully satisfied with the end result. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to take the first step in creating a 3D video that will make a lasting impression.

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