July 5, 2023

Exclusive yellowHEAD Webinar with Dating App Leaders: Highlights and Expert Insights

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yellowHEAD had the privilege of organizing an extraordinary live online webinar on June 27, 2023, where we had the pleasure of hosting esteemed leaders from the dating app industry. The event placed a special emphasis on three prominent platforms: OkCupid, HUD App, and Cosmic Latte. Additionally, we were honored to have an ex Head of Product Localization from Tinder join us.

The webinar commenced with engaging introductions of the host and the esteemed panelists, setting the stage for an informative and captivating discussion. To infuse some excitement, we sprinkled in a few intriguing fun facts and posed thought-provoking questions related to app-based experiences. Subsequently, we delved into a comprehensive exploration of the latest trends in performance marketing, with a particular focus on two critical areas: Influencer Marketing and App Store Optimization (ASO).


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Throughout the webinar, our speakers shared valuable insights, discussing strategies and best practices to maximize the reach and effectiveness of dating apps in an increasingly competitive market. Attendees had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how Influencer Marketing can be leveraged to enhance user acquisition and engagement, while App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques were explored to ensure optimal app visibility and discoverability.

To conclude the event on a high note, we opened the floor to a lively Q&A session, providing attendees with the chance to interact directly with our distinguished panelists and address their burning questions.

Overall, our webinar served as a dynamic platform for industry leaders to share expertise, exchange ideas, and explore the latest trends in performance marketing within the dating app industry. It was an unforgettable experience that left participants enriched and inspired to take their app marketing strategies to new heights.


It was my utmost pleasure to recount the exhilarating experience of hosting an extraordinary international webinar. My name is Lee Spungin, the VP of Growth at yellowHEAD, an award-winning, AI-powered performance marketing agency. I’m based in New York.


Our webinar brought together a remarkable panel of experts from across the globe, each possessing profound knowledge and invaluable insights within the dating app industry. Allow me to introduce our esteemed panelists:

Firstly, we had the privilege of welcoming Jane Reynolds, the Director of Product Marketing at OkCupid and Archer, who is based in the bustling city of New York. With her extensive experience and expertise, Jane’s contributions were instrumental in shedding light on the cutting-edge strategies employed by these renowned platforms.

Joining us from the picturesque city of Auckland, New Zealand, was Mikayla Robinson, the Director of Marketing at HUD Studio. Mikayla’s expertise and unique perspective enriched our discussion, providing invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of the casual dating app industry.

We were also honored to have Milan Kovacic, the CEO of Cosmic Latte, based in the enchanting city of Prague, Czech Republic. Milan’s visionary leadership and global perspective lent a unique dimension to our webinar, allowing us to explore innovative approaches to app marketing.

Finally, we had the privilege of hosting Andy Anderson, a Growth Consultant and Advisor, who previously served as the Head of Product Localization at Tinder. Andy’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge provided a captivating backdrop for our discussions, as he shared his invaluable insights into the intricacies of product localization.


With such an esteemed and diverse panel, our webinar became a truly international gathering, brimming with excitement and a rich exchange of ideas. The global perspective offered by our panelists added an extra layer of intrigue and ensured that attendees received a comprehensive understanding of the dating app industry’s latest trends and strategies.

OkCupid & Archer

Allow me to introduce the incredible Jane Reynolds, a seasoned professional who has dedicated nearly seven years to Product Marketing at OkCupid. With a touch of humor, Jane fondly refers to her tenure as her most successful relationship to date. Not only that, but Jane has also taken on the role of Director of Product Marketing at Archer, a groundbreaking app recently launched for gay men. This exciting venture, which has been a year in the making, owes much of its successful release in the App Store to the exceptional efforts of yellowHEAD.

As we delve deeper into today’s discussions, it’s essential to understand the remarkable journey of OkCupid. Founded in 2004, this trailblazing platform has been uniting people through meaningful connections ever since. In fact, in 2012, OkCupid made history by becoming the first mobile dating platform—an incredible milestone worth celebrating. During the webinar, our focus was predominantly centred around the app itself, exploring its unique features and the captivating world of online matchmaking.

Now, turning our attention to Archer, this exciting social-first gay dating app was specifically launched in honor of #PrideMonth, making its debut just a few weeks ago. Initially, it will be available throughout the United States, with New York City being the first city to experience its transformative potential. However, the team has ambitious plans for international expansion, with global availability slated for 2024. The anticipation is palpable, and we eagerly await the positive impact Archer will have on the LGBTQ+ community worldwide.

Speaking of impact, OkCupid has consistently proven its prowess, boasting an astounding record of over 200,000,000 matches made each year. What sets OkCupid apart is its unique approach of incorporating thousands of questions into its matching algorithm. During the webinar, we had the incredible opportunity to delve deeper into this algorithm, unraveling its secrets and gaining a clearer understanding of how it works.

It’s worth noting that all three remarkable apps we’re discussing today—Tinder, OkCupid, and Archer—are part of the Match Group, an influential powerhouse within the dating app industry. This connection further highlights the magnitude of our discussions and the wealth of knowledge our esteemed panelists bring to the table.


Question: Can you explain the matching algorithm or mechanism used to connect users on OkCupid?


Jane Reynolds, with her deep expertise in the field, unveils the captivating inner workings of OkCupid’s unique approach to matchmaking. At the core of their brand differentiator lies a deliberate and comprehensive questionnaire strategy. Users are prompted to answer 15 fundamental questions during profile creation, ensuring that individuals within a given area are all presented with the same set of inquiries.

However, OkCupid goes above and beyond by offering a vast array of questions—thousands, to be precise—allowing users to delve deeper into their preferences and values.

Jane: “While we ask people to answer 15 questions, the average user actually answers 58 questions and we have thousands of questions on the platform.”

The spectrum of questions ranges from light-hearted conversation starters like, “Would you pay extra for guac?” to more substantial deal-breakers such as, “What are your political views?” This comprehensive approach enables users to define and prioritize what truly matters to them. Furthermore, users can express the importance of each question to them, providing a nuanced understanding of their values and preferences.

Harnessing the power of AI and sophisticated algorithms, OkCupid’s platform utilizes this wealth of data to generate a compatibility score for each profile. This score is represented as a percentage—a tangible measure of how well-matched individuals are based on their shared preferences and values. With this valuable insight, users can navigate the platform with confidence, knowing that they are connecting with compatible matches who align with their essential criteria, as well as other key aspects they have prioritized.

To empower users with even greater transparency and understanding, OkCupid introduced a fascinating mechanism a couple of years ago. By clicking on the match percentage, users can gain deeper insights into the questions they agreed upon with a potential match, as well as those areas where their views differ. This interactive feature allows individuals to explore unanswered questions and witness real-time changes in their compatibility score as they provide additional responses. This engaging process encourages users to actively participate in the questionnaire, thereby uncovering their compatibility potential and facilitating meaningful connections.

By embracing this meticulously crafted questionnaire system, OkCupid fosters an environment where users can match based on what truly matters to them. It empowers individuals to initiate conversations and form connections rooted in shared values and genuine compatibility.

How is launching a brand-new app like Archer different from working on an OG app like OkCupid?


Jane Reynolds, drawing from her extensive experience with OkCupid, sheds light on the exciting journey of developing Archer, a specialized app designed to cater to the unique needs of gay men. Recognizing the demand for a platform tailored to this specific community, Jane and her team set out to leverage the wealth of information garnered from OkCupid and devise innovative ways to serve the gay men’s market more effectively.

Creating a distinct brand identity for Archer presented its own set of challenges. Extensive research was necessary to ensure the chosen name, “Archer,” resonated authentically with the intended audience. Crafting a brand differentiator and determining how to best serve the users became paramount in this process.

One crucial aspect that sets Archer apart is the requirement of face photos on the app’s grid. However, Archer takes it a step further by implementing selfie verification, instilling a sense of celebration and authenticity in showcasing one’s true self. This emphasis on genuine self-expression fosters a vibrant and engaging user experience.

In contrast to OkCupid, which has built brand awareness over its nearly two-decade existence, Archer’s focus lies in shaping brand perception. Archer aims to challenge preconceived notions and overcome any potential stigma associated with being perceived as an “older dating app.” To achieve this, Jane and her team have embarked on an ambitious brand awareness campaign, leveraging the power of influencers and collaborating closely with yellowHEAD to optimize metadata and ensure a strong market presence.

Jane: “We’re leaning heavily into influencers, working again closely with yellowHEAD to make sure that we have the right metadata in place.”

The beauty of a new app like Archer lies in the opportunity to embark on a journey of continuous testing and learning from the very beginning. Gathering early feedback and insights, the team swiftly responded to user preferences, highlighting the app’s social features in the App Store listing to emphasize the sense of community that users were seeking. This agile approach allows Archer to adapt and evolve, ensuring that the app resonates strongly with its target audience from the outset.

Jane couldn’t be more thrilled with the early response to Archer. In just a few weeks, the app has garnered promising reactions, affirming the team’s dedication and vision. This exciting project encapsulates the essence of innovation, empowering individuals to connect, find community, and forge meaningful relationships in a space that understands and celebrates their unique identities.

As Archer continues to make its mark in the dating app landscape, the team’s commitment to excellence and their collaboration with yellowHEAD ensures that users’ needs are met and surpassed.


Allow me to introduce Mikayla, the Director of Marketing at HUD Studio. HUD headquarters are based in Auckland, New Zealand, and they take great pride in being a leading casual and hyper casual dating app. Since their launch in 2015, HUD App has soared in popularity, securing a spot among the top 20 most downloaded apps in the lifestyle category on iOS by 2016. HUD App are proud to represent a New Zealand success story in the dating app industry.

HUD, an abbreviation for Honest Upfront Dating, offers a refreshing and alternative approach to commitment-free relationships. With over 13 million downloads worldwide, the app spans across 150 countries and supports 22 languages. This global reach highlights their commitment to localization and ensuring that users from diverse backgrounds can seamlessly engage with our platform.

One of the notable features that emerged from their dedication to providing an exceptional user experience is the Bedroom Feature, which Mikayla is very proud of the fact that she actually led in the ideation and creation of the feature. Recognizing that their niche resides within the casual hookup-focused space of the dating app industry, HUD App sought to create a means for users to openly and comfortably explore compatibility in the bedroom. When embarking on casual dating, it’s essential to gauge shared interests and desires, and they wanted to facilitate these conversations in a straightforward and transparent manner.

The Bedroom Feature presents users with a list of 35 desires, enabling them to express their interest or disinterest in each item. This information is displayed directly on their profile, embracing vulnerability and promoting open communication. By shining a light on these aspects of compatibility, users can confidently engage with potential matches, knowing that they share similar interests or are willing to explore new experiences.

At HUD App, they believe that healthy communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, casual or otherwise. Our Bedroom Feature exemplifies their commitment to fostering honest and upfront connections, where individuals can confidently express their desires and engage with partners who align with their interests.

So, whether you’re seeking a casual fling or an exploration of shared desires, HUD App is here to provide a platform where communication and compatibility thrive.


How do you plan to innovate and evolve HUD to meet the changing needs and preferences of users in the future?


Mikayla brings forth an important distinction between innovation and evolution, both of which are crucial elements for any app’s success. When it comes to innovation, she emphasizes the significance of actively listening to users, both online and offline, to understand their needs and desires. HUD App takes this principle seriously, engaging in events and activations that facilitate direct one-on-one interactions with users. By attentively listening and engaging with their audience, the team gains valuable insights that drive innovation and inform necessary improvements.

Staying ahead of industry trends is another key aspect of fostering innovation, particularly in the expansive and ever-evolving realm of dating apps. Mikayla highlights the importance of remaining acutely aware of emerging trends, ensuring that HUD App remains at the forefront of industry developments. By staying abreast of trends, the team can continuously adapt and enhance their app to meet the evolving needs and expectations of their users.

In terms of evolution, Mikayla emphasizes the crucial lesson learned over the past few years: the willingness to embrace change and try new things. She advocates for an open-minded approach, unafraid to let go of features that may have run their course and being prepared to make bold decisions when necessary. This adaptability and willingness to evolve are essential for sustained growth and improvement.

Excitingly, Mikayla takes this opportunity to announce HUD App’s ongoing rebrand and redesign process, which represents a significant milestone for the app. With this transformation, HUD App will soon unveil a fresh new look and feel, reflecting the team’s commitment to innovation and evolution. This exciting venture embodies HUD’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve and continuously enhancing the user experience.

Mikayla: “Along those lines, I am very excited to publicly announce for the first time that HUD is going through a very exciting rebrand and redesign which we are absolutely in the thick of right now. HUD will look and feel very different very soon and we are very very excited about it.”

HUD App’s approach to innovation and evolution serves as a testament to their commitment to providing an exceptional platform for their users. By actively listening, staying attuned to trends, and embracing change, HUD App sets itself apart as a leader in the dating app industry.

How do you encourage open and honest communication between users to establish clear expectations in casual dating scenarios?


Mikayla sheds light on the driving force behind the creation of HUD App — a desire to establish clear expectations within the dating app landscape. Recognizing the prevalent ambiguity on other platforms, the team sought to provide users with a distinctly casual dating experience, setting them up for exactly what they were seeking. HUD App isn’t about finding the love of your life; it’s about meeting the needs and desires of users for as long as they desire. This fundamental principle is deeply embedded in every aspect of the app, from brand presentation to metadata.

Mikayla: “This question and everything behind it is actually pretty much the reason we started HUD App to begin with. We really wanted to create an app that made expectations really, really clear.”

Through strategic branding and marketing efforts, HUD App communicates its casual dating focus, ensuring that users are fully aware of what to expect from the platform. Once users are within the app, Mikayla emphasizes the importance of facilitating effective communication and enabling users to set their own expectations. The app’s features, such as profile customization and detailed preferences, allow individuals to clearly articulate the type of relationship they desire and the parameters of their engagement.

Mikayla highlights the adaptability of HUD App, especially in the post-COVID era where virtual connections have gained significance. Whether users are seeking a virtual dating experience or are open to traveling for casual encounters, the app empowers individuals to define their own expectations and pursue connections that align with their preferences.

By putting control and clarity directly in the hands of users, HUD App ensures that everyone is on the same page and can engage with confidence. The app’s commitment to fostering open communication and transparent expectations distinguishes it as a reliable platform for casual dating experiences.

Cosmic Latte

Milan, joined our webinar all the way from the enchanting city of Prague. As the CEO of Cosmic Latte, he has the pleasure of overseeing a remarkable portfolio of dating applications. Milan introduced their star products: Zoe, a globally renowned SBM application, and Surge & Grizzly, catering specifically to the vibrant gay community. Together, their apps boast an impressive user base of approximately 10 million registered members. With a strong presence in the United States and affluent Asian countries, they are experiencing steady growth and expanding our reach.

In addition to his role as CEO, Milan brings an extensive IT background to the table. Furthermore, he is currently pursuing studies in the captivating field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the prestigious University of Oxford. So, regarding our burning questions or intriguing inquiries about AI, we consider him a go-to expert.


What are the latest trends in the LGBTQ+ dating market? (with a special focus on the influence of Gen Z in shaping dating dynamics)


Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Gen Z, a demographic that holds immense significance for us. Not only are they a sizable portion of the population, but they also exhibit a remarkable self-identification rate within the LGBTQ community. While the generic US population sees around 7 to 8% self-identification, Gen Z impressively reaches 21%, with more than one in five individuals embracing their LGBTQ identity. This presents an incredible opportunity for us, fueling our dedicated focus on this thriving sector.

Milan: “Gen Z is super important. Apart from being a large demographic that is now hitting the spending potential, they also have a super high percentage of people self-identified as LGBTQ.”

What makes Gen Z even more captivating is their unparalleled embrace of technology. They are not just a sizable demographic; they are also highly tech-savvy. This translates into a dynamic combination of a large target audience and their strong affinity for cutting-edge technology.

To cater to Gen Z customers effectively, we must consider several trends that shape their expectations:

  • Video Content: Unlike previous generations, who primarily consumed text and images through platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Gen Z grew up immersed in dynamic videos found on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. This visual medium holds particular importance, especially for the gay community, as it tends to have a more visually-oriented nature.
  • Personalization: Gen Z craves personalized experiences. They expect their apps to differentiate themselves from others, offering tailored content and interactions. This level of personalization is becoming the norm for Gen Z users, and failing to deliver on this front can lead to confusion and disengagement.
  • Social Responsibility: Today, social responsibility is paramount. Companies, especially LGBTQ-focused organizations led by LGBTQ individuals, must exhibit a high level of responsibility when it comes to maintaining appropriate standards and avoiding vulgarity. Any disregard for social responsibilities can lead to significant repercussions and a loss of trust from the community.

By understanding and embracing these trends, we can effectively satisfy the desires and expectations of Gen Z customers.

Can you please share your experimenting with AI at Cosmic Latte?


Embracing the power of AI is a strategic move we’re fully committed to. I firmly believe it serves as a key differentiator, if not an essential component for maintaining our relevance in the industry.

Allow me to share two remarkable experiments we’ve undertaken:

  1. Moderation: When you’re running a dating app, users may upload inappropriate content such as violent or pornographic images. It’s crucial to keep such content off our platform to maintain a positive user experience and comply with App Store guidelines. However, moderating high volumes of content manually is no small feat. Recently, we implemented an AI solution that revolutionized our moderation process. It reduced moderation time by over 90%, resulting in a remarkable 50% decrease in our spending. Moreover, the probability of facing App Store penalties due to non-compliant content has effectively dropped to zero. This AI-powered moderation solution has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and compliance.Milan: “Recently we implemented an AI solution which dropped the time of moderation by more than 90%. Our spending dropped by more than 50% and the probability that we will be somehow punished by the App Store for non compliant content is basically 0.”
  2. AI-driven Attractivity Score: We have harnessed the capabilities of AI to create an innovative feature – the Attractivity Score. With this groundbreaking technology, we are able to compare users based on their level of attractiveness. Through various cards, such as geographic cards, we conducted pilot tests that sorted the discovery tool based on the attractivity score. The results were astounding! We witnessed a substantial increase in subscription rates across different platforms, ranging from 10% to an incredible 34%. This exceptional growth in revenue was made possible through the application of the attractivity score, which efficiently leverages data and smart AI algorithms.

These experiments demonstrate the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing our operations and enhancing user experiences. Cosmic Latte continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and data-driven strategies to elevate their services and ensure their users enjoy the best possible outcomes in their dating journey.

Growth Consultant and Advisor (ex Head of Product Localization at Tinder)

Andy Anderson joined our webinar from Malaysia!

Andy: “I’ve had an exciting career journey, having spent five years as the head of product localization at Tinder, where I spearheaded the localization of various aspects including the product UI, App Store optimization, and search engine optimization.”

Following that, he ventured into the startup realm, lending his expertise to launch multiple international markets, focusing on App Store strategies and UI enhancements. Currently, he’s engaged in freelance work as a growth consultant, leveraging his experience to drive business expansion.

Now, before we delve into the fascinating world of localization, let’s dive into some intriguing facts about Tinder. This globally renowned dating platform is not only accessible in over 190 countries but also boasts an impressive user base of 75 million active users every month. Among them, a staggering 7.8 million users are located in the United States. However, what truly captivates our interest is the fact that more than 75% of Tinder users are male, adding an intriguing dynamic to the platform’s dynamics.

With these remarkable figures in mind, we explored the realm of localization and uncover the secrets behind optimizing user experiences in different regions.


Why is it so important to localize your app listings?


When it comes to localizing your App Store presence, there are crucial factors to consider. First and foremost, your App Store should seamlessly align with your app, serving as an extension of its experience. Therefore, the initial step is ensuring that your product is effectively localized. But why invest in App Store optimization (ASO) in the first place?

The primary goal is to enhance the reach and discoverability of your product. This entails identifying localized keywords that specifically resonate with your app, tailored for each market. These keywords are not mere translations but rather culturally adapted versions that enable users to find your app more easily.

ASO also plays a pivotal role in optimizing conversion rates. The specific appeal of your product can vary across different markets. Consequently, the selling points emphasized in one market might differ from those in another. For instance, the screenshots displayed can be adjusted to highlight the most compelling social aspects or features based on the preferences of each market. It’s worth noting that excessive screenshots can diminish visibility, so a strategic approach is crucial.

Furthermore, the social context is vital. Users generally expect to see relatable individuals within the App Store, individuals who align with their preferences or aspirations. For instance, opening the App Store in Japan would typically present Japanese faces to resonate with local users. Similarly, in India or other regions, users expect to see familiar and relatable individuals.

These reasons highlight the significance of localization. By expanding your reach, you can foster a broader user base. Localization ensures that your app is more discoverable, resonates with the target audience, and delivers a user experience that feels both relevant and relatable.

In essence, App Store optimization and localization are essential steps towards unlocking the full potential of your app and connecting with users on a global scale.

For localized versions of an app, what recommendations do you have for optimizing to increase discoverability and downloads in specific target markets?


I believe there are two crucial factors that greatly impact the success of any app:

  1. Understand the Competitive Landscape: It’s essential to thoroughly comprehend the competitive dynamics of each market you target. Different markets may have diverse sets of competitors, ranging from strong local players to well-established global brands. By gaining insights into the competitive landscape, you can identify the key players and their strategies, enabling you to position your app effectively and stand out among the competition.
  2. Highlight Your Selling Points: Recognize the features and aspects of your app that resonate most with users in a specific market. Analyze engagement rates, user feedback, and ratings to identify the most popular and highly regarded features within that market. These standout features should be emphasized in your marketing efforts and promotions to capture the attention and interest of potential users.

In addition, when it comes to localization, a deep understanding of language and culture is crucial. It goes beyond mere translation. To effectively reach and engage users in a specific market, take the time to localize your keyword set. This involves adapting the terminology and language used in everyday speech within the local market. By doing so, you create a more relatable and natural experience for users, enabling them to connect with your app more seamlessly.

Andy: “Effectively looking into a deeper localization of your keyword set; Not just taking your source language keywords and translating into other languages, but actually focused on what is the right way of saying this in a local market. How would people actually use the terminology that describes our product in everyday speech?”

In summary, understanding the competitive landscape, emphasizing your app’s unique selling points, and investing in comprehensive localization of your keyword set are pivotal in achieving success in specific markets. By tailoring your app’s approach to each market’s preferences and nuances, you can effectively position your product and attract a wider audience.

Relevant Trends in Performance Marketing

During our webinar, we focused on two key topics: App Store Optimization (ASO) and Influencer Marketing. At yellowHEAD, we recognize the significance of these areas and their potential to enhance performance marketing across various industries.

Relevant trends in Performance Marketing

Influencer Marketing holds immense power as an advertising tool. By collaborating with influential individuals who possess a dedicated and trusting follower base, you can tap into their influence and leverage their recommendations to reach your target audience effectively. Building partnerships with influencers who align with your brand and have a relevant audience can yield significant results.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is another critical aspect we discussed. ASO encompasses optimizing all elements of your app, ranging from discoverability to conversions. By ensuring that your app is finely tuned and tailored to your target audience, you can increase your chances of securing more downloads. This involves implementing localization strategies, optimizing keywords, and refining your app’s presentation and metadata to attract and engage users effectively.

At yellowHEAD, we firmly believe in maximizing the potential of both ASO and Influencer Marketing in every industry. Understanding and harnessing the power of these performance marketing strategies can greatly contribute to the success and growth of your app.

What do you think are the key considerations when selecting influencers for promoting dating apps?

What do you think are the key considerations when selecting influencers for promoting dating apps?

Jane Reynolds commented that when it comes to our collaboration with influencers for OkCupid and Archer, we place a strong emphasis on the authenticity of micro-influencers. It’s crucial to identify who our key users trust and how they prefer to be reached. For a dating app like ours, where the focus is on finding a meaningful connection, it’s important to work with individuals who align with our values and have experienced success with our app. We seek out users who are actively engaged with our platform, familiar with its features, and willing to share their positive experiences.

Jane: “For a dating app, or at least a dating app that maybe is more promotional of finding ‘Mr. Right’, for example, you aren’t going to work with someone who is already married unless they had success with your app.”

In the case of Archer, our gay dating app, we approach influencer marketing with a tailored strategy. Given the unique nature of the app and its various discovery modes, predominantly grid-focused, we understand the importance of having a sufficient user base. That’s why we have adopted a city-to-city roll-out approach. We carefully select influencers who can effectively reach and engage with our target audience in each specific city. By partnering with influencers, we aim to generate awareness and attract a significant number of users to the app.

At OkCupid and Archer, our influencer collaborations are driven by the goal of connecting with users in a genuine and impactful way. By leveraging the reach and credibility of influencers who resonate with our audience, we can foster trust, drive user engagement, and ultimately create a thriving community on our dating apps.

Milan Kovacic added that In our LGBTQ-focused initiatives, we prioritize partnering with influencers who align with our values and accurately represent our brand. It is essential for us to collaborate with influencers who genuinely resonate with the LGBTQ community and understand the unique experiences and perspectives within it. By selecting influencers who share our values, we can ensure that our brand is represented authentically and effectively.

Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on targeting Gen Z, a key demographic for our apps. We actively seek out influencers who belong to the Gen Z generation or possess a significant following among Gen Z users. This strategic approach allows us to connect with the younger audience and establish a strong presence within the Gen Z sector.

By combining our focus on LGBTQ influencers who align with our values and our deliberate efforts to engage Gen Z influencers, we aim to create impactful campaigns that resonate with our target audience, foster authenticity, and drive meaningful connections within the LGBTQ community.

Mikayla Robinson talked about Influencer Marketing at HUD App saying that as a hyper casual dating app, we recognize the need to explore unconventional advertising avenues and move beyond traditional channels. Paid advertising may not always align with our approach, so it’s crucial for us to think outside the box and try innovative strategies. Influencer marketing plays a significant role in our promotional efforts, but we prioritize factors beyond mere follower size.

Mikayla: “Because we are a hyper casual dating app, we’re not always the most advertising friendly dating app in terms of your very typical channels and especially paid channels. So it is always important for us to be thinking outside the box and trying things that you know stick away from that traditional side a little bit.”

Our focus is on collaborating with influencers who embody the essence of our user base and attract individuals who align with our target audience. By partnering with influencers who accurately represent both our current users and the type of users we aim to attract, we ensure that our messaging resonates with the right people.

Additionally, given our emphasis on sex education as a casual dating app, we work closely with sex educators who possess a deep understanding of our mission and the guidelines and policies we must adhere to. These collaborations with influencers allow us to navigate the sensitive boundaries associated with our industry while effectively communicating our message.

By strategically engaging with influencers who align with our user base and collaborating with sex educators who share our values and industry knowledge, we can effectively promote our app, maintain compliance, and continue fostering a positive and educational environment for our users.

In the competitive landscape of dating apps, how important is it to continually monitor and update app store listings?

ASO and dating apps

Andy Andersen addressed this topic by replying that staying ahead of the competition is crucial in today’s dynamic market landscape. The ability to adapt and respond swiftly to emerging trends and new players can be a game-changer for your app’s success. By regularly conducting competitive analysis, you gain valuable insights that can shape your strategy and optimize your app’s performance in the app store.

Market dynamics can shift rapidly, with new app launches and innovative changes taking place frequently. Keeping a finger on the pulse of these developments allows you to stay informed and leverage opportunities that arise. Monitoring the competitive landscape helps you identify emerging trends, learn from industry leaders, and gain a deeper understanding of what resonates with your target audience.

While keywords remain an important aspect of app optimization, it’s equally vital to consider your brand’s association within your competitive circle. Understanding which brands are most aligned with your offering enables you to strategically position your app in the App Store ecosystem. By staying in tune with market trends and maintaining awareness of your competitive landscape, you can drive store performance and enhance your app’s visibility and appeal.

Mikayla Robinson added that when it comes to App Store Optimization (ASO) and monitoring our app’s presence in the App Store, keeping a close watch on our competitors is paramount. The dating app market is continuously evolving with new entrants, making it crucial for us to stay informed about the latest developments. While we employ various channels to attract users to our app, many discover us for the first time on the App Store. Therefore, our app listing plays a vital role in both educating and captivating potential users, as well as re-engaging those who have previously downloaded our app. Ensuring that our listing is consistently fresh, accurately represents our core features, and effectively showcases our brand is of utmost importance.

Collaborating with yellowHEAD has been instrumental in our ASO strategy. They provide us with the opportunity to test a wide range of metadata, enabling us to continuously optimize our app’s presence in the App Store. This dynamic process allows us to learn and adapt, ensuring that our app stands out and attracts the right audience.

Mikayla: “Working with yellowHEAD specifically and testing huge ranges of metadata at any given point is always exciting. And there’s a lot of learning to be done through the App Store.”

The App Store is a dynamic environment that offers valuable insights and learning opportunities. Through our partnership with yellowHEAD and our dedication to refining our app’s metadata, we can make informed decisions, drive discoverability, and capture the attention of users who are seeking an app that aligns with their needs and preferences.

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Q: How have LGBTQ+ dating apps created a more inclusive and safe space for individuals within the community to connect and find meaningful relationships?

A: Milan Kovacic:

Let’s take our flagship dating app, Zoe, as an example to highlight our commitment to inclusivity and the multifaceted approach we take. In the world of dating apps, combating malicious intent is an ongoing battle. Spammers and fake profiles pose a significant challenge. In the case of Zoe, we have observed an influx of male users posing as women or engaging in unethical practices like “Unicorn hunting.” These disruptive factors have affected the lesbian community, and we recognize that this issue is prevalent across various dating platforms.

Milan: “Ensuring a safe space for our users is our utmost priority.”

To achieve this, we employ advanced detection systems that identify bots, suspicious IP addresses, and unusual email addresses. Additionally, we have a highly proactive moderation team that responds promptly to user concerns. When users encounter any problems, they can open a chat within the app and reach out to our representatives. Our team typically provides assistance within minutes and takes necessary actions, including removing harassers from the platform.

Our commitment to protecting the community extends beyond detection and moderation. We empower users with self-help tools to validate the authenticity of their connections. For instance, if users plan to meet someone and want to verify their legitimacy, we offer a mechanism where both parties capture pictures with a randomly generated gesture. These pictures are then shared in the chat, allowing users to confirm if the person matches the shared gesture and validate their identity.

Investing in security and providing users with tools to validate their counterparts are essential aspects of our approach. We recognize the significance of inclusiveness as well. From incorporating pronouns and educating our customer success team on interacting with transgender individuals to developing tailored features that enhance the experience for transgender users, we strive to ensure inclusivity throughout our product.

By addressing small but meaningful details like language and design features, we prevent any user from feeling excluded. It’s crucial to understand that inclusivity goes beyond the specific community being served. The LGBTQ community has a strong tendency to support every niche within it. Consequently, even those not directly affected by exclusion become advocates for inclusivity.

In summary, our focus on security and inclusivity sets us apart. By prioritizing user safety, employing advanced detection systems, and offering self-help tools, we create a secure environment for our community. Additionally, our commitment to inclusivity encompasses providing tailored features and educating our team. These endeavors ensure that Zoe remains a welcoming and empowering space for all.

Q: Can you discuss any upcoming features or innovations that OkCupid has in the pipeline, and how they aim to improve the overall user experience on the platform?

A: Jane Reynolds:

One aspect we consistently prioritize is expanding the range of questions available to our users. It’s crucial that we facilitate meaningful connections based on what truly matters to them in the present moment. While political topics often play a significant role, it’s not limited to that alone. Being responsive to current events and trends is equally important.

In addition to our dynamic question system, we introduced a groundbreaking feature that resonated exceptionally well with our users—profile badges. For instance, we were the first app to release the “Pro-Choice” badge, which was made available to our users in the United States. We noticed that many users were expressing their stance on their profiles by stating, “If you’re not pro-choice, swipe left.” To streamline this process and enhance user experience, we incorporated a question: “Would you like a pro-choice badge to indicate the importance of this issue to you?” If users answered affirmatively, the badge would be displayed on their profiles. More significantly, users who shared this badge were grouped together in what we refer to as a “stack” or a filter. This feature enables individuals to exclusively view profiles of people who align with their preferences on the pro-choice issue. We are continuously refining this feature to expedite the process of finding like-minded individuals.

At our core, we are committed to improving our platform and assisting users in swiftly connecting with others who share their values. We will continue to iterate on this feature, refining and enhancing it to enable individuals to discover and connect with others who are aligned with their beliefs and principles more efficiently.

Q: What role does technology play in enhancing the user experience and privacy within casual dating apps, and how do these apps adapt to evolving user expectations and preferences?

A: Mikayla Robinson:

That’s an excellent question, and it’s understandable to have concerns about privacy in the realm of technology, particularly in the context of casual dating scenarios where connections may be brief and limited. At our core, we prioritize implementing a robust and trustworthy process to ensure our users are comfortable with the technology we employ.

Our approach encompasses multiple layers. First and foremost, our product incorporates profile verification, requiring users to undergo a verification process to establish their authenticity as real individuals. Users can also utilize various filters to refine their preferences and precisely specify the type of person they wish to connect with, providing an additional level of control.

In terms of moderation, we pride ourselves on having an exceptional in-house team dedicated to maintaining a safe and positive environment. When interacting with HUD App, whether it’s for support or addressing any issues, users can rest assured they will be communicating with a real person. We place great emphasis on ensuring that post-escalation interactions with the HUD App team are reassuring, swift, and comfortable, resolving any concerns as effectively as possible.

To prioritize privacy, our product refrains from revealing precise user locations. Instead, we deliberately provide only general information such as distance, cities, or towns without specifying the exact distance in kilometers or miles. This approach aims to afford users a sense of comfort and protect their location data.

Mikayla: “In terms of making sure that your privacy is first and foremost, we don’t do anything on the product side of things that gives users an exact idea of your location, so all of the location based information is intentionally vague. Users can see distance, general cities or towns, but there’s no ‘kilometer/mile away’. We wanted to make sure that users had that level of comfort when it came to privacy and giving away their location data.”

Additionally, we offer various features that enable users to engage on a relatively anonymous level, empowering them to safeguard their privacy and personal identity.

Privacy is of utmost importance to us, given that we operate in a space where users may find themselves in vulnerable positions. As such, we employ a range of technological measures to ensure the utmost safety and protection for our users.

Q: What advice would you give to dating app startups or small businesses looking to leverage performance marketing for their growth and success?

A: Andy Andersen:

In the highly competitive dating app landscape, it’s crucial to focus on differentiation and highlight the unique strengths of your app. These two key factors can provide newcomers with a solid foundation to establish their brand and succeed.

A: Milan Kovacic:

As a business technology expert, my perspective centers on the importance of effective tracking. Ensuring accurate tracking is fundamental to understanding the performance and return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts. Implementing a robust tracking system from the start is often overlooked but essential.

A: Jane Reynolds:

When developing a dating app, it’s essential to identify and emphasize your unique selling proposition based on thorough research. Trying to cater to everyone can be challenging in the saturated dating app market. Additionally, your customer support team plays a vital role as dating is a personal experience, and providing responsive assistance is crucial.

Tracking is of utmost importance. Don’t hesitate to test different strategies, even those that may initially seem unlikely to succeed. Sometimes, the campaigns that surprise us the most are the ones we had doubts about internally. Embrace testing and ensure comprehensive tracking to gain deep insights into user behavior and preferences. If certain features or aspects of your app aren’t resonating with users, be proactive in removing them.

From a marketing perspective, it’s vital to thoroughly understand your target niche. With numerous dating apps available, identifying your unique niche and consistently delivering value within that space will help you stand out and make the most impact.


First and foremost, we recognize the transformative impact that dating apps have had on how people connect. They have made dating more accessible and convenient for individuals across various target markets.

Furthermore, it is crucial to acknowledge the significant role of performance marketing in driving the growth of not just dating apps, but also various industries. The effectiveness of targeted marketing strategies cannot be overstated.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our exceptional panelists. Your insights have undoubtedly provided valuable learning opportunities for the participants in the audience.

Personally, I have gained invaluable knowledge from our discussions, and it has been an absolute pleasure hosting and engaging in these conversations. I sincerely hope that everyone in attendance will find their ideal match or whatever they are seeking.

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